ClemenGold, South Africa’s premium mandarin, is a wonderfully sweet and aromatic soft citrus fruit that is sun-ripened and handpicked by selected mandarin growers from across the world. In South Africa, where ClemenGold Gin originates, it is grown in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, the Southern and Western Cape.

ClemenGold and orange peel, cinnamon, ground almond, juniper berries, angelica,orris root, and coriander are macerated and vapour-infused to bring gin aficionados this smooth Classic Cape Dry style gin with subtle hints of citrus.



Zandvliet Wine, on the outskirts of Ashton in the Robertson Valley of South Africa's Western Cape, plays an illustrious role in the narrative of the South African wine industry.



Floating Dutchman set out to create an original South African rum using the finest local ingredients. Originating in Cape Town in 2016, it took 3 years to perfect the process. From perfecting the fermentation mix to selecting the distilling method - the ambition grew to create an authentic drinking experience that would champion the region. Through a combination of traditional and modern methods, Floating Dutchman is  a truly unique South African experience.


Barker and Quin have created a superior tonic for the discerning gin drinker. The makers went to great lengths to source only the highest quality, natural products from Africa. The citrus flavours and spices are created from distilled essences, and quinine harvested from the bark of Chinchona trees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Combining these ingredients with spring water from the Breede River in the Slanghoek Valley, B&Q have created a delectable tonic, free of artificial sweeteners, colourants and flavourants. Barker & Quin tonic water is delicious enough to be drunk on its own, but add it to a craft gin, and you create a unique gourmet drinking experience.­­