Grace O’Malley® Heather Infused Irish Gin is made with 14 botanicals with defining aromatics inspired by the west of Ireland including heather, wild thyme, red clover, blackthorn, fraughan and rock samphire. We distill botanicals at lower temperatures in order to maintain maximum freshness and capture real taste intensity. Made in true, traditional style with modern distilling techniques, this Gin is rounded, balanced with a fresh, floral finish. Heather imparts a mellow floral, sweet character to the Gin and is a Celtic symbol of good luck – “BEIR BUA”!



NOSE :  Intense herbal character, freshly harvested wild juniper, citrus notes.

PALATE  :  Fresh front palate with intense grassy notes, Dry Heather feeling with Maritime undertones.

FINISH  :  Rounded, balanced with a fresh floral finish.

Grace O'Malley Irish Gin